Double Identity

By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Book Project By: Natalie Hemann

Theme Number One: Trust in the people that love you the most.

I chose this as my first theme, because in the book Bethany is just dropped of at an aunts house she doesn't know. Her aunt had never seen her before either, but treated her that she had known her all her life. Bethany did not know what was going on, but knew that she had to trust her aunt when she said, "there is a reason for all of this, it's all to keep you safe." Bethany did not understand, her parents could only call her, they had gotten new phone numbers, and could not say much when they called. She knew something wasn't right. They were not telling her something important, and Bethany was going to figure it out.
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Theme Number Two: Believe in the Unimaginable.

Bethany constantly had people staring her way, and whispering when she went places. When she meant her cousin Joss for the first time, she almost started crying. She had thought something was weird from the moment she got there. Her aunt knew her favorite foods, hobbies, and movies. Bethany was not going to stop till she had some answers. Bethany at the end had figured out she had, had and older sister. Her name was Elizabeth and she was killed in a car accident. Her parents were devastated. They missed Elizabeth so much that they met with a man and had her cloned. Bethany was a clone of her older sister Elizabeth.

How The Two Themes Relate To Each other.

The two themes relate, because they both have to do with trusting in your family. Bethany had to trust her family that she was going to be okay, She also had to trust in the truth about her sister Elizabeth and what Bethany was. Bethany had to trust she was loved for who she was and not just because she was everything like Elizabeth. Although this was a very confusing thing for Bethany to go through, she figured it out with her family and then ended up living a great life for her sister Elizabeth. It is good to trust in the ones who love you, because they are the ones who look out for you and will lead you in the right direction. It also important to believe the unimaginable, because sometimes things might not seem real, but it's reality.