Al Capone

By Kelly O'Regan


  • Born in Brooklyn, NY on Jan. 17th 1899
  • From a poor family of eight children
  • As a child, lived in a rough, violent area
  • Quit school at age 14, 6th grade
  • Had a son, Albert "Sonny" Francis on Dec. 4, 1918
  • Married Mary "Mae" Coughlin on Dec. 30th 1918

“You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun.”


  • Worked for Yale
  • Was often loyal and generous
  • Was the first to open soup kitchens after the 1929 stock market crash


  • Murder
  • Did bootlegging for John Torrior
  • Did prostitution and gambling
  • While Capone was in Florida, he had his men pretend to be police to try to kill "Bug", but he wasn't there. However, they killed seven members of his gang on Valentine's Day, which is known as St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
  • Became Chicago's "Public Enemy Number One"
  • Went to jail for income-tax invasion in 1931
  • Made $60 million a year selling illegal liquor during prohibition
  • Known as "Scarface" because one night working as a bar tender he made an inappropriate comment to a women, her brother punched him, then slashed him across the face, leaving three indelible scars

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