Fight for our Rights

To all our southern brothers and sisters we have decided to secede from the Union due to their intolerance of our state rights. For years we have sat around and watched how the so called Union leaves us unprotected and feels they are better than us; not only that but feel they have the right to tell us what we can and cannot do with our property. I say to all of you to open your eyes and fight for your property rights but most importantly fight for your state!!


Here is a list of facts you should keep in mind when fighting:

1. We have home field advantage which is something more we need to protect

2. Awesome Military Leaders including General Lee and Stonewall Jackson!

3. We are fighting to defend our rights

4. Pride, our pride is on the line here

5. We have almost all the support of the south

Join Us!

Help us defeat the Union and make them realize we are better than them.