Korean War

By: Zac & Dusty


Korea was split in half after World War 2 being divided into North and South Korea. When it came to the war the U.S. never formally declared war on North Korea. The UN was asking for assistance in the war and the U.S. did just that. In the beginning of the war North Korea was quickly advancing on the U.S. and South Korea but that did not last for long. The U.S. crossed the 38th parallel in late 1950. Talks of treaties were said since the war began even though a formal treat was never arranged or signed. The Korean War was also the first time the U.S. Military fully integrated racially. There was never a peace treaty signed in Korea. Korea is a forgotten war that not many people talk about today.


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Impact on the 1950s

The Korean War affected not only Korea, but the U.S. as well. The U.S. was affected from rural farms to the big city. In the farms people were just getting back in the past few years from World War 2. They were getting back into the swing of things when in 1950 they were needed again for Korea. During Korea there was such a high demand for crops and food that prices for everything dropped. That moves to the city where food was being sold for less money making families save on groceries. This is good for the people of America because they will need the baby boom.

Connection to Today

The Korean War has many connections to today's society, especially in South Korea. Communism is ruling in the North and a democratic state in the South, Korea was divided in half. Many families were torn too with no way to contact their loved ones. 50 years ago South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. But since then it has had a boom in economic growth. Today it has more money than Spain and New Zealand. Since the Korean war South Korea has made a substantial improvement in their economy.