Room 7 News

November 15, 2013

Dear Parents,

It was a fun and busy week in our class. The children learned about folk tales, tall tales, possessive nouns and apostrophes. They continued learning ways to count coins and did some challenging mental math.


The speeches were fantastic! It was obvious the children had worked hard and were prepared for their speech. Jake, Danny, and Alex filmed each child giving his/her speech on their own iPad. The children will get watch themselves as way to improve on their speeches each time. Please help your child practice speaking slowly and making eye contact during his/her speech.

*Information about the December speech will be sent home on Monday, Nov. 18. The topic is family traditions. The due date is Friday, Dec. 6. Please keep the information in a place where you can easily refer to it.

Scholastic Book Orders:

During conferences many of you asked for book recommendations based on your child's lexile level. For this reason, I've decided to start Scholastic Book orders for our class. All of the books have a lexile level! It is very easy to order books online. Please look for the letter in the Friday envelope. The orders are due by Nov. 30. They will ship the books to me at school and I will send them home.

Star of the Week:

We are starting a very simple Star of the Week program to give each child a chance to shine, be complimented by peers, and develop leadership skills. At the beginning of the week I will send home a simple questionnaire that your child will fill out. The form comes back on Friday. Jake was a our Star of the Week this week.

Milk Cartons:
We are in need of half gallon milk cartons that have been cleaned out and cut in half. Each child needs one to make a gingerbread house for our winter celebration. Please send them to school by Monday, December 9.

Thank you!
Thank to Matt Evans for making a board where the kids can hang their headphones. It looks great and it will be put to good use this year!

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, Nov. 21-Second Grade Friendship party with ice cream sundaes!
Friday, Dec. 6-December Speeches are due.
Thursday, Dec. 12-Winter Celebration at 11:00. Parents please come!

Julie Gusman