Six Widespread Beauty Myths And Fallacies

Are you smart about truth and fiction when it comes to beauty? Check out on for some de-bunking of some typical appeal misconceptions:.

1. Cucumbers on the Eyes Will Reduce Puffiness.

A great deal of people think that putting cucumbers over their eyes will result in a renewed and less puffy result. But a reduction of puffiness occurs not because of what you're making use of. The positive reaction in fact comes from the coolness and water content of the cuke. Warm cucumbers won't be as efficient as cool ones.

2. Pulling Grey Hairs Will Make More Greys Grow.

If you pull a gray hair twenty greys will come to its funeral, it's not true that. Your hair either has pigment or it does not. End of tale. The more sensible description for this sensation is that as soon as you start to observe greys, others are currently on their way.

3. Brush Your Hair 100 Strokes a Day for Healthier Hair.

It's not true that 100 day-to-day strokes will lead to healthier hair. Brushing with a natural boar bristle brush can be helpful for the hair as it disperses the oil from the scalp along the hair shaft, nonetheless 100 strokes is overkill! You may be a good candidate for a Keratin smoothing treatment or other deep conditioning treatment that will recover your hair to better condition.

4. Sunscreen isn't really Necessary on a Cloudy Day.

Make it a habit to put on sun screen lotion ... everyday, not just those that you are going to be in direct sun. Numerous cosmetics now have developed in SPF defense so you can 'up' your SPF security, but they are usually not enough for anything past 'incidental' sun exposure (from residence to auto etc).

5. Shaving your legs makes your hair grow back darker & thicker.

Hair that hasn't been cut grows to a point. If you don't think us!), it's largest at the base and narrowest at the tip (pull our one of your hairs to inspect. When you shave a hair, you cut it at the base, just above the follicle. The widest part then grows out, and the hair appears thicker. Shaving does not change the width, density, or color of hair.

Waxing for extended time periods can however make your hair expand back thinner! As the hair is eliminated repeatedly at the root (not cut off) gradually the root damages a bit expanding thinner hairs, and is also eliminated more quickly.

6. Organic Products are much better for the Hair & Skin.

It's not that natural or natural items are better ... some products contain 'natural' or 'plant' ingredients allergens which irritate the skin. Remember arsenic and hemlock are natural too ...

However the reason natural items are popular, it is more about the components they do not consist of in lieu of the ones they do ... It's the sulphates (typically used in floor cleaners) and parabens that we are attempting not to utilize. The Pevonia skincare we advise and utilize is not only paraben and sulphate complimentary, but also without mineral oil and lanolin, which might be natural, but is likewise used as a 'filler' or bulking products in many other skin care lines, and can 'obstruct' the skin.

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