Catching Fire

Book Reflection

Tons of action and a little romance

This book to me was exciting. every time i picked it up i couldnt take my eyes off of it. It was a mixture of a few things, romance, and action.

Intriguing and Descriptive

The author Suzan collins wrote this book with descriptive language. whenever you read a part that was descriptive you just stop and think "wow". and in other parts you read the scentence and you just get sucked further into the book.

Some of the Main Characters in the Book

Highly Recomended


The main characters in the book: Katnis, Peeta and Hamitch, deffinently make the book a reality. the way the author described the thoughts and feelings of them made it feel like you were actually thinking or feeling that emotion or thought. it felt like you were in the book. whenever i first started reading the hunger games i became attatched to Katnis because i like how she was rebelious but wasnt a total jerk to anyone.