Rendezwas meeting

come to it

WE are having a meeting

The Rendezwas are having there first meeting on May 17. If you are there then great but if you are not there it is fine with me. It will be at Shay's house there will be snacks. If you don't really have anything going on that day please come I would really love it. Thanks

- Shay

Rendezwas meeting

Sunday, May 17th, 2-3pm

4958 W Fair Ave

Littleton, CO

If you would be happy to come I would love that. We have a lot to catch up on. Like a lot of things.

What we will be doing

We will be doing fun things but we need to practice. I mean we were suppose to do video on April 1st. But now it is May 5. We really need to get started so we will be practicing for about 30 minutes an then the last 30 minutes we will have lots of fun.

We are the chaps

We have already started the Rendezwas's we can finish this season great. our goal is to get 100 likes on a video. I think that would be a pretty good goal. We start strong we finish strong. Go RENDEZWAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!