Hudson Hawk Band Updates

Week of 2/17/2020

Spring Trip Contract DUE TUESDAY!!!!

The Spring Trip contract and $5 deposit is due TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18!!!!! Mrs. Becker will be at Hudson until 7:00pm on Tuesday evening for anyone who forgets to send their signed contract and deposit during the day. This is a FIRM DEADLINE and we will NOT be making exceptions unless students are absent from school on Tuesday. Please plan ahead. The following students earned their trip from the Practice-a-Thon and do not need to send the deposit, just the signed contract:

Ian Aguilera, Lily Albus, Abigail Anguiano, Alex Atkinson, Isabella Bennett, Emma Blancovich, Hunter Brooks, Kimberlyn Bruehl, Bruno Carrillo, Veronica Cervanes, Victoria Davis, Karleigh Dittrich, Caleb Elliott, Joseph Figarelli, Grant Finley, Emma Fisher, Allyson Gamez, Nikhil Gillespie, Tyler Gorman, Danny Guevara, Ally Hawkins, Danick Howard, Zachary Kahl, Sofia Kolath, Brayden Kubilus, Jacob Le, Riley Maupin, Aidan McCormick, Israel Mejia, Isael Montilla-Lora, Camryn Moore, Jasmine Nguyen, Yazmyn Nguyen, Paul Nguyen, Sophia Olalde Taylor, Michael Otenti, Avery Quarles, Jack Rose, Houston Schaefer, Isa Schaefer, William Spencer, Ainsley Stephenson, Adelaida Trejo, Cody Vo

Advanced Band Solo & Ensemble Contest

Saturday, Feb. 22nd, 8am-4:30pm

1125 Beverly Drive

Garland, TX

Advanced Band students will perform their solo and/or ensemble at the Solo & Ensemble contest at Austin Academy. Dress code is fancy as presentation is a portion of the score given by the judges. Detailed performance times can be found HERE. **If your student is performing in an ensemble, please ensure they know that time as well. It is only listed under one person's name.**

Wind Symphony UIL Clinic

Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 4:15-6pm

4405 Hudson Drive

Sachse, TX

Wind Symphony students will rehearse their UIL music with clinician Mark Schroeder after school on this day. This is a required rehearsal and attendance will be graded. Please make arrangements for pickup on this day at 6:00pm. Mr. Schroeder is excited to work with our band for the 6th straight year and to help us improve on our music.

Advanced Band Side-by-Side Change

The Side-by-Side rehearsals will now take place on Friday, February 28 during the school day. Each advanced band will be released from class, walk to Sachse HS together, rehearse with the high school band, and walk back to Hudson. A detailed itinerary of the day can be found HERE. This means there is nothing on our band calendar for Saturday, February 29! Enjoy your weekend again!

Great Work While Directors Away

Almost ALL students in Beginner Band and Symphonic Band completed their composer project in Google Classroom. Students who did not complete that assignment will receive a point deduction and will have that assignment reflected on their 5th Six Weeks report card. Thank you for working hard and completing the assignment while we were gone. We heard great things about the Wind Symphony and Honors Band student led rehearsals. Thank you for doing what was expected!

Mrs. Becker and Mr. Urban had a wonderful time and learned a lot. We heard incredible performances and are inspired to come back and finish this year off strong!

Advanced Band Pass-Offs Have Begun

All Advanced Band students will be passing off their UIL music to a director prior to their UIL performance in order to be eligible to attend and perform at that evaluation. Please encourage your student to practice their UIL music regularly and be prepared in their sectional each week (WS and HB) or in class for their pass-off attempts. We want ALL students to complete their pass-offs and perform at UIL!

Charms Practice Logs

All students should be inputting practice log minutes in Charms every day. This is a weekly grade and very important for the growth of each musician. If you are having trouble logging into Charms, please contact Mrs. Becker to have your password reset.

This link shows step by step how to log minutes in Charms. Please contact Mrs. Becker or Mr. Urban if you have any questions.

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