Bo Dechphant


Important Tips For Travelling To South America

Hi I am Bo Dechphant and today I am here to give you some tips about travelling to South America. Travel and leisure are part of the larger tourism industry. Tourism grew by 10 percent in year 2011 in South America out doing other parts of the worlds. South America is very popular destination in the world due to its numerous tourism sites in the world. South America is surrounded by ocean water Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Travel by sea luxurious liners, land and air are very lucrative businesses. South America is a huge continent with a variety of options for tourists with 15 countries with various cultural events and activities for everyone.

When to go for a visit:

As North America is experiencing summer north of equator areas further south from the equator is experiencing winter. December through to February is most populous months in the calendar while the low seasons are between June and august. Areas near the equator are suitable during winter as there have favorable temperatures. Discount travel is common during spring and fall. Hotels are open all year round.

How to get travel:

The most effective and efficient way to travel is through air transport from country to country. Flights are available to cities in Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay. However bus transport remains the base of transportation in the region. Bus transport is good but not efficient; however it allows people to view the country side.

Famous destination to visit:

There are numerous exclusive places to visit but some places are a must go. These include Amazon River and Andes Mountain, Angels falls in Venezuela, Amazon rain forest and Atacama Desert. Among other great places include highest capital city in the world La Paz in Bolivia, the greatest navigable lake - Lake Titicaca, ruins of Machupicchu in Peru, Easter islands, and Galapagos Islands.

Top 10 places:

Angels falls - these are highest water falls in the world. It’s fantastic view and scenery and the jungle trek navigates the grasslands, rivers and mountains that discover wonderful waterfalls and lagoons. Travelers who travel deep in the jungle enjoy the greatest wildlife like monkeys, poison and arrow frogs, and orchids.

Amazonia Ecuador- it has the greatest ecosystems in the world. It occupies 40% of South America and touches many countries. It has diverse creatures such as birds, caimans, tarantulas and monkeys.

Machupicchu Peru - It's a hotspot in South America and beloved place by tourists. Its most significant sit is shining jewel and Ican kingdom city. The city remained hidden within Peruvian mountains. It's the most widely known archaeological site. Travelers choose plush train ride and enjoy the view in comfort while others walk the original Inca trail.

Salar de uyuni-Bolivia - This is the biggest salt flat in the world. Paparazzi flock in the site to capture the unique landscape.

San pedro de Atacama chile- the area used to be a cattle transporting area but it has changed tremendously. Traveler enjoys the desert morphs and provides idyllic setting for star gazing. It has lot of features with hot and dry landscapes, sand dunes.

Lake Titicaca - Bolivia - its South America largest lake. It's also home to indigenous communities that make the area agriculturally very strong and cultural significance. On the shore lays Copacabana the biggest town and the heart of the region. Culturally religious festivals are frequent and well known. The experience is quite thrilling as boats leave for isladel sol, - sacredinca island. Tourists relax in the beauty of deep blue sky above its fresh water. It's a wonderful feeling and it’s situated in the snow topped Cordillera Real Mountains.

Galapagos Islands Ecuador-it's the most natural place in the world as its remains unharmed by human activity. Animal lives freely without interference of man or being afraid of man.

The Pantanal Brazil- Its has the greatest numbers of animals in the South America hence it's the wildest in the world. The wetlands are created by seasonal flooding of river Paraguai it has diverse fresh water wetland ecosystems. The most photographic scenery is the wildlife such as colorful birds, parrots, humming birds, macaws an jaguar.

Easter islands Chile –It is popular for its giant stone figures, like the Moaibuilts couple of centuries ago, it connects the ancient Polynesian culture. It’s a calm location with a bit of ancient culture with white sand beaches. After site seeing travelers enjoy body surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing.

Undiscovered places:

South america has some of the most exclusive places like the delta Argentina /Uruguay with hot springs uruguay, the brazil pipa with wonderful beaches, Ecuador la costa coast line with great infrastructure and 937 miles coast line, quite beaches, Brazil chapadadiamantine 376000 acre national park, waterfalls and caves, Brazil serra da bocaina national park great for hiking, Peru kuelap ruins citadel mountain top encompassing ancient settlements, Chile chiloe offering great kayaking activities, Bolivia lasyungas mountain valley with offering great camping sites and Argentina salta and jujuy provinces with tropical valleys scenary wide swept highlands.