Adams Elementary

November 2017 Newsletter


  • Unload on the right side of vehicles. Students should get out on the sidewalk.
  • Parents, please do not exit your vehicle. Please, let a staff member know if you need anything.
  • If you need a car rider #, please call the front office.

Book Drive

Girl Scout Troop #795 is having a book drive on November 6-17th, to help the Colts Books for Youth program give age-appropriate books to Indiana's Foster Kids. They need new and gently used books for ages birth to teen. Donated books can be dropped off at the school library during students' related arts' library time. Monetary donations will also be accepted which will be used to purchase books for the program. Please help Troop #795 build star readers by donating books for kids.

Attendance Policy Reminders

  • Please call the attendance line at 860-4288 to report an absence.
  • Students must be fever free (without fever-reducing medications) and no vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.

Students Arriving Late

Students Arriving Late Parent/guardian delivering late arriving or tardy students to school must sign-in their student in the main office of the school. The student will be given a pass to enter the classroom. Students who are tardy due to a late arriving bus will not be counted as tardy to school.

Veterans Day

On Friday, November 10th, we invite you to join us as we honor our Veterans. Our program will begin at 9:30 in the gymnasium. Adams' students who have guests attending will be allowed to sit with their guest. They will be dismissed from their classes as they enter the gymnasium. At the conclusion of the program, we invite our guests to enjoy coffee in the LGI room.

Pre-register as a visitor before arriving at our school or be prepared to show a photo ID.

A Note from the Nurse


I continue to see cases of lice. If your child reports their head is itching, please examine for lice. Lice spread from person to person by direct contact or by using another person’s personal items--comb and brush, hat, hair bows, coat, clothes, etc. Head lice are tiny and brownish in color and only live on the human head. They crawl rapidly but do not fly or jump. The bugs deposit tiny white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft by using sticky “glue” so the eggs do not dislodge easily. Besides visualizing the bugs/eggs, the only symptom of head lice may be head scratching. Many times, lice will begin at the back of neck/behind ear area. If your child has head lice, please contact me so that we can work together to eliminate the lice. Do not send your child to school with live lice. Nits (lice eggs) need to be removed to stop the cycle of infestation but are not able to spread to other students. Be sure to remind your student to not share hats, coats, combs/brushes, or hair ties. Be sure they have their own set of earplugs at school for use in the computer lab. Most over the counter lice-killing products do a good job killing the live lice but they likely do not kill all of the nits. The nits that survive the treatment may hatch and the process may begin again. The importance of egg removal and regular inspection is crucial to avoid reoccurrence. Lice may spread anywhere children gather, such as when playing “dress-up” at home, at ball games where children wear a common helmet/hat, at sleep-overs, on movie seats, at a club meeting (i.e. Girl Scouts etc.), and at daycare centers and schools. Regular inspection of your child’s head enables you to identify a case earlier, resulting in faster eradication and quicker return to school. As with any health condition, only parents may call the school with information about their child. If your child has lice, please let me know so that I can help you oversee treatment. I can provide another pair of eyes to check that nits are removed, and the lice is fully treated. If your child has had lice multiple times, I recommend a check with the pediatrician regarding a prescription strength treatment (lice may develop tolerance to the over the counter treatment). Thanks for your vigilance.

Natalie Davis BS RN

Community Health Network School Nurse

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Canned Food Drive

Adams Elementary is hosting a food drive November 27th to Dec 1st. All items will be donated To the Franklin Township Civic League.

Winter Coat Collection


This year marks the seventh “Pass It On” coat drive, coordinated by the Franklin Township Civic League. The goal of this project is to ensure that children in need in Franklin Township receive winter coats. Adams Elementary would like to help the Civic League accomplish this goal by accepting donations of “gently used” children’s and adult sized coats. Has your child outgrown his or her coat, but it is still in great shape? Instead of donating it to another charity, why not bring it to Adams Elementary for the coat drive? Coats should be in “like new” or “nearly new” condition, with fastenings that function, and no visible rips, tears or stains. Thanks for your donation!

Meet Your Bus Driver

Linda drives bus 93.

What do you like about driving a school bus? I like watching the children blossom and grow from the beginning of the year to the end and our relationships changing.

I have driven a bus for 20 years.

My favorite subject in school was Home Economics.

My hobbies are reading, cooking and serving others.

My favorite vacation place is anywhere I can see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because of thanking God for what we have in this country, family, friends, and the gathering of many.

I also want you to know that I am married and have 3 sons, 3 daughters in laws and 5 grandbabies. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and creating memories.

Jack Finney drives bus 74.

What do you like about driving a school bus? I like interacting with kids other drivers.

I have driven a bus for 2 years.

My favorite subject in school was logic.

My hobbies are gardening and golf.

My favorite vacation place is Disney World.

My favorite holiday is Independence Day because of the fireworks and food.

I also want you to know that I have 7 grandchildren and have been married for 47 years. I am a graduate of BSU.

Mike Vogel drives bus 77.

What do you like about driving a school bus? I like getting to know all the younger generation.

I have driven a bus for about 10 months.

My favorite subject in school was math.

My hobby is gardening.

My favorite vacation place is Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

My favorite holiday is Halloween because of the chocolate.

I also want you to know that I have umpire Little League and High School softball for 17 years.

Rhodie drives bus 55.

What do you like about driving a school bus? I like being outside with all the beautiful weather and all of the kids. I like seeing the beautiful sunrises.

I have driven a bus for 30 years.

My favorite subject in school was history.

My hobbies are reading and cross stitching.

My favorite vacation place is the Smokey Mountains.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because all of my children and grandchildren are home for the weekend.

I also want you to know that I love working with all of my bus driving buddies.

Janie drives bus 43

I have driven a bus for 38 years.

My favorite subject in school was math.

I also want you to know that my father in law was a teacher and principal at Bunker Hill and Acton for several years. He was the reason I loved math.

Sharon Morgan drives bus 205

I have driven a bus for 23 years.

My favorite subject in school was Science.

My hobbies are gardening and antiques.

My favorite vacation is no particular spot.

I also want you to know that kids bring out the best in me. I love knowing I can teach a child something good and positive about themselves. This is an honor.

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