CSD COVID-19 Update

COVID In-School Transmission Monitoring Update

We carefully monitor cases of COVID-19 in our school system, and we are especially diligent in monitoring for transmission within schools. We know the community is interested in this as well, so we would like to update you on what we see.

Since we returned to in-person learning for many Pre-K-5 students, we have had between 1,436 and 1,749 people present in person each day. A total of 18 individuals attending in person tested positive for COVID-19 over that 11-day period. While contact tracing is intended to prevent further spread by focusing on who had contact with a known positive case, for cases in our district we also look deeper to try to determine where the infection may have originated. After an extensive review of all of these cases, in two of those 18 cases, we cannot rule out the possibility of in-school transmission. The remainder of the cases appear to have originated outside the school system.

Our extensive mitigation efforts are working as expected, and we will not change the current in-person learning plans. We will continue to carefully monitor all cases and provide updates like this periodically. If you are interested in details about cases, please visit our COVID-19 Reporting Dashboard at https://www.csdecatur.net/dashboard. We update this dashboard throughout the day and night as contact tracing is completed on any given case. If you or your student is exposed to a case, you will be contacted right away; other members of a school community where a case occurs are contacted soon thereafter. The following graphic summarizes our sequence for contact tracing and communication about any given COVID-19 case:

Big picture
We’d also like to take this opportunity to share a friendly reminder. It is critical that students and staff who are directed to quarantine do so thoroughly – not only from school, but also from other community interactions, including playdates, alternative childcare, community sports, and family gatherings with people from outside the household. If we all work together, we can get more of #OurKids safely into our buildings sooner rather than later.