Factories Conditions

Child Labor

The Factories

Children would work hard hours in factories. The factories were in horrible conditions for these children to work in. The factories were dirty and very dusty so it was hard for them so see and breath with the dust clogging their lungs. The equipment were large, heavy, and very unsafe; because of this many accidents would happen where children were injured or killed because of it.

The Children

Young children, as young as six years old, would work long hard hours in factories. They were locked in there until the job was done. Sometimes there will be someone who will be watching over them and either hitting or kicking them for them to behave. Children would work up to 19 hours a day and get paid a fraction of what adults would get paid or not get paid at all if the factory owners could get away with it. There were many accidents where children got injured or killed on the job because of the unsafe equipment and environment inside the factory.