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Marvel has set itself really high standards after The Avengers. So this Ironman had to deliver and it had to be better than its prequels and it does so in style. This is another visual-treat and of course has a strong storyline. This time its more serious, more powerful and there's the crude humor when you are least expecting it.

The best part about this movie is that this shows the sensitive side of Tony Stark along with his attitude. You'll connect to him as a common man's superhero too. The action is amazing and we get to see RDJ performing many stunts without the suit too. To get the full satisfaction of this do watch the trailer before you see the movie. That's something you really should do.

Watch Iron Man 3 Online

Robert Downey Jr of course walks away with accolades for his masterful performance. Bring out crude humor and spares no one with his witful sarcasm. Gwyneth Paltrow is hot n great. Guy Pearce does well. Jon Favreau makes an impact in his little role. Ben Kingsley is a class act and Don Cheadle also doesn't disappoint.

Its a complete entertainer with rich visual effects and also intelligent with a strong story line. Don't miss this. Don't.