By: Jack Randle

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Silver Basic information

  • The symbol for silver is Ag
  • The Atomic number is 47
  • The Atomic mass is 107.89
  • The classification is Metallic


  • The original name for silver was Anglo-Saxon
  • The origin for the symbol was from Argentum
  • Silver was also mentioned in the Bible in the passage Genesis
  • In 3000 B.C a man could separate lead from silver


  • Used for jewelry and silverware
  • Also used in photography and electric contacts
  • Paints used for mirror production


  • No silver in the human body


  • 0.6 ppb in weight
  • 0.007 ppb in the universe
  • In atoms its 1 ppb in weight
  • and 0.01 in atoms


  • There is silver in the earths crust
  • Also in oceans
  • In meteorites
  • The sun
  • and the universe

Interesting facts

  • It is rare and expensive but not as expensive as gold
  • Pure in air and water
  • Tarnishes when exposed to the ozone and hydrogen sulphide
  • Used to produce rain from clouds


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