Identity and Gender

Megan Borgra


I am a sixteen year old female, I play softball. I am a daughter and a sister. At school I am the shy and quiet girl, I show that I am responsible and educated. At home I am loud and outgoing, I tell my family to the point how it is. In my sports I am also loud and show leadership, I will scream when needed and I push myself to be the leader for my team. I push them to be there best and as I do my best.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Viola is a servant to Orsino. She is a daughter and a sister to her twin brother. She lost her brother to a shipwreck and needed a job so she dressed as a boy named Cesario and went to work for Orsino. She is now in a love triangle where she is in love with Orsino, Orsino is in love with Olivia and Olivia is in love with Cesario. She no longer wants to be Cesario because she wants Orsino to love her and not like the company of Cesario. "Then think you right. I am not what I am" (III.i.131)


I feel society views me to be a highly educated female, because I went to a catholic school. I also feel society views me to graduate high school and go to college to become a teacher or nurse. Most women get looked down apoun when they venture outside of the 'normal' academies for 'women' such as teachers, nurses, and sectaries.

Viola is a female that is now dressed as a boy to be able to work for Orsino. She was a high class but as her shipwreck came and she started being a servant for Orsino she became lower class. She is forced to act manly as she is Cesario. She must now dress, speak think, and act like a man. She now can do more things that she is a man, she has more rights compared to her being a female.


Many people see me as shy and quiet person. They don't see my true side. They also may think that I am messy and not classy because of the sports I play. Most people think softball players are overly aggressive, are very physical, and have no manners. People may also think that I am snotty and stuck up because of the school I went to. They think catholic school kids are all snotty and spoiled children.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Viola as a man. They don't get to see the true her because of her disguise. Sir Andrew and Sir Toby see her as a threat of taking Olivia’s love away. Orsino sees her as a loyal messenger who he can always come to when he has a problem with Olivia's love or just to speak with him. Olivia see her as a relatable person, who she has head over heels fell in love with.


A similarity between Viola and myself is we are both very indepent women. We are both sisters and both daughters. We are both seen differntly by people then what we really are.


A differnce is that Viola is dressed as a man and people see her that she is only a man. Where I am seen as a physical softball player with no manners. Viola wants to be seen a herself not Cesario and I want to be seen like a proper younge girl not a streotype softball player.
Twelfth Night: Or what you will - Part 1