Weekly Update

December 14, 2015

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Our SHS family would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

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Our ASAP Students Raised Money and Delivered Gifts to the Ronald McDonald House

Midterm Exam Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions

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My daughter has lunch/study hall 5th period. Does this mean she can leave after the Session I exam time on 12/15?

Yes, students need to attend only the sessions for which they have a class. If your daughter doesn't have a 5th period exam, she can leave SHS at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, assuming she has transportation and no make-up exams that afternoon.

Is transportation available during exam week?

Yes, buses will run their usual routes at the usual time. Students who want to arrive later or leave earlier will have to find their own transportation. Students waiting for their afternoon bus will be restricted to the cafeteria study hall from 11:00 AM until their buses arrive at 2:25.

Will lunch be available to students during exam week?

The cafeteria will be offering a limited menu for students wanting to purchase food.

My son attends Polaris during the morning. When will he take his exams?

Polaris students will attend their PCC classes at their regularly scheduled times and take their exams in the afternoon during the make-up exam period from 12:00 PM - 2:25PM.

Exam Cram Jam

Students and Staff Worked Together to Prepare for Exams during SHS's Exam Cram Jam

Renovation Project

As we end this semester, we also end Phases III and IV of the renovation project. This means we will have the auditorium, Little Theater, guidance/assistant principal office area, Auxiliary Gym I, and the 100s classrooms back next semester.

When we come back to school after break, Phase V of the project will have officially started. This will include the athletic areas, music classrooms, and some of the 400 classrooms. Once again, we will have classes in different locations to accommodate the renovation.

As always, thank for your continued patience as we work our way through the renovation project.

Moving the Temporary Lockers

If your child's locker is one of the temporary lockers (cafeteria or main hallway) that were added last year, we are asking them to take their items home over break because we are removing the temporary lockers. We will be moving your child's locker to the newly renovated area of the building. The students have been informed of the move via the announcements and signs by the lockers, but a reminder never hurts. Also note, after break your child will get their new locker location and combination.

Last Friday's School Concert

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DECA Students Volunteered at the Annual Providence House Fundraiser

The Full Schedule

Here is a link to our athletic and school calendars for all of our events scheduled for the weeks of December 14th - January 4.