Arcadia Parent Newsletter

March 29, 2022

Principal's Corner

Happy Spring Everyone!! We are finishing up another GREAT year at Arcadia Elementary! A huge "thank you" to all of our parents and community members who have provided a great deal of support for us this year! Truly, we can do so much for our amazing students when we work together!!!

Let's get ready for an AWESOME excursion into SUMMER LEARNING!! Hurry and please sign your child up TODAY!!! I am super excited about all of the GREAT things that will happen this summer. Reach out to Mrs. Reed for more information!!

From the Media Center

As spring is arriving, it's time to start locating all the library books that are overdue and returning them to the library. All lost or damaged books will have a replacement fee assigned to pay by the end of the school year. Please make sure your students have returned their chrome books to school. It is vital to have them left at the school prior to and during testing. We need to make sure we have adequate computers for our online testing.

Counselor's Corner

Hello everyone,

As spring approaches it is time for ACAP state testing. We will begin testing April 12th and end on April 20th. Tests can bring a lot of stress and anxiety so here are some tips to help your student do their best.

Testing Tips

1. Go to Bed early- It is essential for students to get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is important every day, but it is vital for the night before testing. When we are tired, we can not focus.

2. Having a relaxing morning routine- .Wake a few minutes earlier, have a relaxing breakfast and conversation with your student. Build them up with encouraging words and praise. Be your child’s cheerleader and motivator.

3. Practice test taking strategies- Give your student a few great strategies and practice those a lot.

Here is one to try:


  • Read each question carefully and then re-read the passage or problem before answering.

  • Examine every answer choice.

  • Look for proof of your answer.

  • Always check your work!

  • X-out wrong answers.

4. Celebrate!- Students need a break after the test is complete, and what better way then to celebrate! It is an accomplishment, regardless of what the score says. It is challenging to sit quietly and remain focused for hours in uncomfortable desks taking tests.

Some ideas to celebrate are:

  • Go to the park

  • Have a celebratory ice cream

  • Play a game

  • Have a special meal

I hope these tips help make test-taking season stress-free and a breeze for your child and you!

Just remind your student to “Relax, don’t stress–Just do your best!”

We will be providing snacks for the students during testing week. If you would like to donate snacks please send them to the office. Thanks for your help and support for our students.

* Your student should have already brought their Chromebook in to be checked for testing.

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Social Worker's Corner

Panorama Surveys for Tuscaloosa City Schools are ready for launch! Arcadia's survey window will open on Monday, March 21st with a closure date of Friday, April 1st, only targeting our 3rd-5th grade students. Surveys will be completed in the individual homeroom classes.

Panorama Surveys promote and help create safe and engaging school communities. They also promote positive school climate by collecting valid and reliable feedback about what matters most — from belonging and teacher-student relationships to engagement and school safety.

Single Parent Resources (see/include flyer attachment)

If you are a single mom in need of a FREE oil change, we'd be honored to serve you! // Register for a time and give us the details of your car's make/model. // Saturday, March 26


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PTA Barbeque Fundraiser

Wednesday, April 27th, 4-6pm

3740 Arcadia Drive

Tuscaloosa, AL