VCR Lesson 10

Annie Ball

The ____________, a former Nazi general, was killed for being a traitor and a spy when Hitler found out he was giving information to the Allied Powers.
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N. - A person who forsakes his or her principles, religion, or allegiances.

Roots: APO <G. "away from"

Apotasty, n.

Apostate, adj.

Apostatize, v.

Synonyms: dissentor, defector, deserter, traitor, backslider, turncoat

Antonyms: follower, supporter, believer, devotee, defender, worshiper

Choose the sentence in which the bolded word is used incorrectly.

  1. The former track star became an apostate when he transferred to the rival swim and dive team.
  2. After being apostatory for years, Bruno reluctantly returned to Catholicism.
  3. The apostate woman protested outside the Clinic she used to manage, hoping to get it shut down.
  4. Laurel did not want to tell her parents about her transient apostasy, an effect of her inebriation that allowed her to get pregnant.