D'Asia Harris

Is the planet Terrestrial or Jovian?


What is the length of a year (revolution)?

1 year

What is the length of day (rotation)?

1 day

How many moons does the planet have ?

0 moons

Does the planet have rings ? If yes, what are the rings made out of ?


What is the composition of the atmosphere ?

Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, with clouds of sulfuric acid

What is the average temperature range ( High and Low )

900 Degrees Fahrenheit

What are at least 3 distinguishing characteristics of the planet ?

1) Second brightest object in our night sky.

2) Venus's atmosphere is heavy

3) Venus reflects sunlight & traps heat

Name at least 2 missions that have explored the planet and the date they launched.

1) Lewis and Clark's exploration

2) Launched - August 3, 2004

What is the mythology behind the name of the planet ?

Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty
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