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TEC 21.404 Vote Results

Last week I asked team leads to poll their grade levels and help brainstorm ways we can continue our work and comply with TEC 21.404 simotaniously. Below you will find the suggetions I received.


Hold PLC and IPM meetings 3:10 PM to 4:40 PM instead of during the contract day.

First Grade

1/2 Mandatory 1/2 Optional meetings. Teachers have the option of not attending the portion of the meeting during their scheduled planning time.

Second Grade

45 minute IPM and PLC meetings after scheduled planning periods.

Third Grade

45 minute IPM and PLC meetings. Use the additional 45 minutes to continue planning PLC groups and instruction as well as gathering resources.

Fourth Grade

1/2 Mandatory 1/2 Optional meetings. Teachers have the option of not attending the portion of the meeting during their scheduled planning time.

Fifth Grade

1/2 Mandatory 1/2 Optional meetings. Teachers have the option of not attending the portion of the meeting during their scheduled planning time.


Three grade levels suggested the same resolution. We will adopt it. Teachers are required to attend IPM and PLC meetings during the time a sub is in the room. During the regular scheduled planning period teachers are free to "opt out."

Please remember the information I shared concerning planning periods. As per TEC 21.404, planning periods cannot be used for personal pursuits. It must be used for planning and preparing for instruction. Teachers are not allowed to leave campus.


Friday, December 18, 2015 @ 1:45 PM

So, What's the Target?

One of the things I gleaned from our dialog during last week's faculty meeting is clarifying a target for our learning. Please know, when we visit your classroom, we will give you feedback on all of the observable domains of the PDAS instrument. Our adult learning is addressed within this instrument. We are working on learning targets (objectives). This is addressed in Domain II.

The BIG IDEA I want you to work on is ensuring learning targets are on the board AND in the heads of your students. Students should be able to identify what they are learning. Their knowledge of the target must extend beyond simply reciting or reading the target on the board. Think about your own experience and the need our faculty expressed for clarity. We must provide that same level of clarity for students about their learning.


Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work - Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback

Flipped Faculty Meetings

We have a lot of learning to do together and we want to maximize our time together. Staff meetings should be viewed as times of professional growth and development. Sessions like last week's meeting will be our norm. As a result, we will try a new process for our December 10th meeting. We will begin having "FLIPPED MEETINGS." To learn more about this process, please visit the link below!

Savannah Tidbits and Need-to-Knows...


Each grade level should take their grade level radio to recess each day. Please remember to charge it each night.

Friday, November 20th

Fifth Grade Fishing Trip

Thanksgiving Lunch

The science lab will be closed for classes.

November 23rd through November 27th

Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 30th

Expectation Conferences

Tuesday, December 1st

Expectation Conferences

Thursday, December 3rd

Instructional Planning Meetings

Thursday, December 10th

Staff Meeting - Please make sure you do your reading!

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Denton Public School Foundation News

Dear Friends of Denton Public School Foundation --

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