Animal and plant extinction


Polar bears

  • The ice is falling from the heat and polar bears are falling on top of the ice and floating out to sea and starving to death.

Adélie penguin

  • The penguin can't get enough krill because of the ice melting the krill can't stay under the thick ice layers.

Orange-spotted filefish

  • The water is heating up to quick and killing the fish and there homes.

The sea turtle

  • The sea turtle is going extinct from the warming of the sea.

The Monarch Butterfly

  • The heat is just to hot for the butterflys.

Snow Leopards

  • The leopards can't get the food they need from melting.


  • Quiver tree is going extinct because it cannot keep up with the constant change in Temperature.

  • Haleakala silversword is going extinct from the land being too dry for seedlings.

  • The Cabbage on a stick is going extinct because the pollinator is extinct due to climate change

  • The capa rose is going extinct because of deforestation, which causes global warming.

  • Western Prairie Fringed Orchid is going extinct from deforestation and global warming
  • The Baobab tree is going extinct because it is slowly loosing its habitat and global warming is destroying its water supply