Pickled Babes and Dudes Newsletter

October 2015

Pickled BD

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Renewing membership

The new names are up!

Weed and feed is an important aspect of every group. We need to delete those who really aren't playing and still continue to involve new people within our group.

Playing Times Announcement

Playing times change Thursday, October 1, 2015

We are working on the schedule as I write this. It will be posted on the website.

We cannot schedule any times, only look at the schedule where the rec centers DO NOT have a scheduled play or Pickleball classes.

Hopefully, we will have Manatee for the 10:00 time, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

There is a Pickleball 101 class at Manatee on Tuesdays. We are working on times for Tuesdays starting in October.

Mon—Manatee 2:00 (reserved)

Mon—Eisenhower 4:00 (reserved)
Tue--No scheduled times (working on this, many courts are already reserved)
Wed—Manatee 2:00 (reserved)

Thu--Manatee 2:00 (reserved)

Fri--Manatee 2:00 (reserved)

Sat—Big Cypress 4:00 pm
Sun—Big Cypress 4:00 pm

Monday Morning Babes Pickleball -

Come join just the Babes for Pickleball on Mondays at 8:30-10:00 Big Cypress, September 28 - starting NEXT week (October) we will be playing at Manatee.

Social Events

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Cruise Committee

We are in the final decisions as to our cruise.
So far here are the details:

January 2017

Seven day cruise

Western Caribbean

Edens Beach Babes Lunch

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 11:30am

15790 SE 134th Ave, Weirsdale, FL 32195

We will meet at Mezza Luna in Colony and have a bus for fourteen women. The rest of us will carpool! Hope every Babe can join us!
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Chefs of Napoli

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 5pm

9811 US-301, Wildwood, FL 34785

Come join us for our monthly dinner!

Pickled Babes and Dudes Bling

Hats, Visors, Shirts

Ordering will begin October 1, thru October 15, 2015


Gene and Mary Maus, (636) 295-1481 or eugenemaus@yahoo.com

Logo use: If you would like to have our logo on your own shirt or hat

Shirts $2.00

Hats $1.00


Donation to Wildwood Elementary School

When we order our "bling" we round it to the nearest dollar. So, we have extra money. It stands around $100, so we are donating it to Wildwood Elementary School's PE department for playground balls.

Sunscreens at Manatee

We are jumping the hoops and meeting with the "powers that be" concerning the lack of sunscreens on the courts of Manatee. With no shade there, it can be quite hot. Once we have some answers, we will let you know our progress. No new updates.

Social Media


I have created a Facebook page for those on Facebook. Please join!

Pictures on the courts

Anytime you are on the court and take pictures, just email them to me at carolbroos@mac.com I will post them!
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Pickled Babes and Dudes Website

WOW - http://pickledbd.weebly.com/ we are at 6700 hits! SO, I know you are all using it.

Complete list of everyone in Pickled Babes and Dudes - October 1, 2015

I have a complete list of all the contact information such as full names, email addresses, and phone numbers. If you would like all the contact information, please email me. I don't post personal information on the website.