When the Soldiers were Gone

By: Vera W. Propp

Plot Summary

Summary: During the presence of WWII a boy named Henk was living happily upon his family. They lived in a small town in Germany. One day the family went to the market together only to hear some startling news. A town nearby had been bombed by the Allied Powers. The town was in ruins. Henk was wondering why the Allied Powers had bombed the town. Later that day Henk overheard people saying there were Nazi leaders in the town. The next morning Henk woke up to hearing some noise at the door. Only to find his parents talking to what had seemed to be a pretty nice couple looking for a kid about Henks age named Benjamin. Henk was puzzled because he had never heard of anybody named Benjamin. All of the sudden the couple pointed to Henk and said "that's him, that's Benjamin." Henk said "well I'm not Benjamin, my name is Henk." The couple took him and his parents didn't even do anything about it. Henk was upset and took a nap, while he was shut eye he thought if his name could actually be Benjamin. Once they arrived Henk woke up and stepped into his new house. From that day on changed his whole life as he took risks to find his real parents...


If you are truly dedicated to some task then take advantage of your opportunity. I chose this theme because in the story Henk was troubled when the couple came to the door and were asking if a kid named Benjamin were to be there. When the couple took him he thought to himself. He was wondering if his real name could actually be Benjamin or if they just made a mistake and took him instead. When Henk decided to make a commitment of trying to find his real parents was a big step to take.

Real Event Summary

The Allied Powers: The Allied Powers were being attacked, and/or invaded by a group called the Axis Powers. The major groups in the Allied Powers included, Britain, France, Russia, and also the United States of America. When Germany had attacked and invaded Poland, the war officially began. Germany and Russia were friends at the beginning of the war until Germany attacked. Russia soon after joined the Allied Powers.

Authors portrayel

View of portraying: the author put this historical event in the book, by saying how the Allied Powers bombed Germany. He said that the Allied Powers bombed a nearby town called Apelhem. The town was bombed because there were Nazi leaders. The Allied Powers came to Henk's house to deliver goods. After the war was over the Allied Powers came to tell the people they didn't have to fear anymore and come out from hiding.

Citation and Link

"Allied Powers (World War II)." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 7 Jan. 2014.


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