Catherine Petet

Social Class Structure


  • Ruling
Nobles, priests, commander of the army

  • Religion
  • Watching over the states
  • Commanding army
Scribes, craftsman, artians, and merchants

  • Crafting
  • Training
  • Books, paintings
  • Recording.

  • Farming

  • They had slaves and they were relised if the payed off debt or master died.

Religion and Family Life

Religion and family life

Priests- conducted all religious ceremonies,served individual gods,ran schools that rap trained boys for government jobs. Some priests had studied skies and made predictions of the future.

Believed humans needed gods to survive. If the gods that brought food and sun were displeased they would bring floods and earth quakes.

Priests had pleased gods by giving flowers ear maize clothing or images of wood while the tribe sang and danced.

To keep the sun god strong the priest would offer blood sacrifice. Slayed 100 of birds every morning and priests would pierce their own ski to offer blood.thousands of people were sacrificed every year.

Marriage and family life.

Marriage marked the child way into adulthood. Men married at twenty and women married at sixteen. Mans family chose the women, they used a matchmaker to inform the females family. Wedding. Was at brides house. An old lady carried the bride on her back to the housbands house. Divorce was allowed and woman were encouraged to marry again.

Men were higher than women. Married women could buy oroperty and sell goods. Older women practiced matchmaking or midwife nag.

Women beaded and cared for children .


Hereditary means pared on from parent to child, and the Aztec government wasn't hereditary. Meaning I'd u were ripuler your offspring weren't promised to be the next ruler.

Cultural Achievements

Build crisscross end and canals temples and palaces.

Sinker timber to create walls and filled it with rocks mud and reeds.

Had a large plaza

Aviary means an enclosed space or cage for keeping birds.

Science and technology, building of island city artificially islands, calendar,

Arts and architecture,poems, stone temples,

Language and writing, photography,