My personal life, and school

Andre Arenas

About myself!

I was born in Mexico. It was a hard time trying to get here even though I was given to my mothers friend when my mom was coming over here. I like to play video games, read, and play with my dog. I have 4 brothers in my family.
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The consol I use for playing.

The consol I use is the Xbox360 because form me it's away better consol than PS3. Why? Well it's because it's more easier to use and play online.

About my school!!!

1) mascot is a cougar 6)Had two older principals before the new one

2) New principal 7)We have vice principals

3) two schools mixed together 8)we have nutrition,1st lunch then 2nd lunch

4) We don't have a cafetiria 9)we have den ( time to do your homework

5) Both schools have big cats as their logos 10)electives like STEM, ART, BAND,ect.