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Mrs. Struve's Third Grade Classroom

Properties of Multiplication

This week we will be reviewing and digging deeper into the properties of multiplication: commutative, associative, distributive, and identity. Students learn tricks to help them remember in class, watch videos, play games, and complete practice to master these properties. They are useful to help students memorize and understand their math facts more.

Commutative: Doesn't matter what way you CHANGE the order of the factors, the answer is still the same.

Associative: You can ARRANGE the parentheses different ways and still come up with the same answer.

Identity: Any number times 1 remains the same!

We have been practicing decomposing numbers, or breaking up factors to solve multiplication sentences, leading us to the distributive property....

Distributive: You can break up or DECOMPOSE the multiplication sentence, and you will get the same answer!

Math Properties

Math Practice for all Standards

Another online resource available to practice math skills is Students can visit the site and practice up to 20 problems daily free, or sign up for an account to practice more. This site is organized by grade level for both ELA and math.

ELA: Digging Deeper into Informational Text

This week scholars will start Unit 2 Module A of our new Ready GEN curriculum. Students will focus on the following essential questions:

How do readers use evidence from texts to understand what they read?

How do writers include character dialogue and actions to affect the events in a story?

How do learners understand that relationships within a community are affected by culture and traditions?

We will begin reading new texts including:

The Year of Miss Agnes, by Kirkpatrick Hill

The Athabascans: Old Ways and New Ways, by Ron Fridell

The Frog Princess: A Tlingit Legend from Alaska, by Eric A. Kimmel and Rosanne Litzinger

Writing Strategies Modeled this Week:

Taking Notes from a Resource to Write a Narrative: Scholars will practice how to determine what is important information to take from a topic that they could later use to write their own narrative. Scholars will investigate the differences between realistic and historical fiction.

Writing a Paragraph that Establishes a Situation: We will investigate how the setting of a story can lead to a problem or situation for a character to experience.

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Scholar Scientists: Investigating the Human Body

We will further our investigation about the human body by completing close readings of articles on the digestive system, hear, liver, kidney, and more! Students will then complete a close reading and collect evidence to share with the class.
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Poster by Jennifer Larson of "The Teacher Next Door"

Scholars as Historians: The Illinois

This week students will practice locating evidence and the main idea reading text about the Illinois Native Americans to create their own "picture book" including text and text features. Look out for more information and pictures in the future!

Inner Explorer

Students have become comfortable with the process and structure of Inner Explorer sessions, and look forward to it every day! We will soon start reflecting on our practice by completing a two minute quick written reflection. We have discussed breathing, a calming strategy called the "shark fin"; and strategies to help us focus on important thoughts, while letting go of thoughts that may stop us from learning or being successful. Encourage your child to share more at home each night about what their lesson entailed that day!
shark fin

Important Dates This Week

Welcome Back! I missed students and look forward to starting 2016 with them learning new things, completing projects, and thinking creatively!!!!!

There are no important dates to report this week.