The followers of Christianity are called Christians. They believe in the God of Abraham (a common figure to the three religions)his name is GOD.Their holy book is called the Bible. It holds the old and new testaments. Their key beliefs are: praying, trinity (the father, son, and holy spirit) and salvation. They do rituals and some of those are baptism (is the intro to Christianity) and holy communion (the last supper were the disciples had bread and wine). They go to a church for worship. A leader leads them in worship. They are called minister, preacher, priest, pastor, father, or reverend. They have three different secs. Those secs are called catholic, orthodox, or protestant. Their holy day is Sunday (that's when they go to church). Some of their holidays are good Friday (that is when Christ died.) , Easter (rose from the dead), and Christmas (Christ's B-Day). Two holy sites are Jerusalem (died and rose), and Bethlehem (born).
The Old Rugged Cross