social classes

By Lane Rainforth and jack warner 1st hour

what are the social classes?

The Social Classes
  1. pharaoh
  2. priests , priestess nobles, royal family and government officials
  3. scribes
  4. skilled craftsmen jewelers
  5. farmers
  6. slaves

Who was at the top ?

The pharaoh was the top because he was king and consider a god. People were kind to him or her because they believed if he was happy they would have a good afterlife. He is also the lord of the two lands. But If there was famine they would blame him.
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Who was in the middle class ?

Scribes where very important.They where the only ones that could write. They kept track of records and important events, Like deaths and births. They also took records of taxes and property.They also keep records of pharaohs.
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who was at the bottom?

Slaves did not get paid to work they where treated badly and beaten. They got little food for there hard labor. They were forced to build pyramids, and temples. which the average block weighed about 3 tons.Some got out of slavery but it was hard .
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