how did 13 disorganized American colonies win a war.

Facts on the revolution

1 The British had a advantage because they were 3000 miles away from everyone else.

2 The revolution started in April 19 1775

3 It ended in 1783

4 The 13 colonies were at war with the red coats

5 The British were a lot better trained then the 13 colonies.

Facts on the British ( Red Coats )

1 They fought in lines.

2 They put the best solders in the back so they will not get shot so easily.

3 Very good supplies, like guns.

4 The troops were well trained ( ready for battle )

5 They had a lot more discipline then the Americans.

Pictures of the Red coats and the Americans. ( And weapons )

Facts on the Americans ( 13 colonies )

1 Most of the soldiers did not have military training to fight.

2 most of the fighters were part of militias they were volunteers

3 All of there weapons were from home no body gave the weapons to them

4 they knew the land very well.

5. they used gorilla warfare and hide in bushes and trees and sneak up on the British.

How the Americans one the war.

1. Gorilla warfare help them out

2. knowing the land

3. had help from the well trained and well equipped

4. They were very motivated to make the British suffer and leave

5. they never gave up even in the toughest times