In Loving Memory of The Triceratops

We won't forget you...


T. Horridus or T. Prorsus was a nice gentle creature. A name better known by humankind is the Triceratops. This creature lived between 67-65 million years ago, and this period of time is the Cretaceous period. Some people think thought this herbivore a vegetarian animal fought a T-Rex or tyrannosaurus; but it did! sometimes these creatures fought against eachother. Now moving forward the Triceratops lived in the region known as North America today. Fossils of the Triceratops was found in Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, West Canada.

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His way of Life

The size of a Triceratops is the size of an African elephant or a small bus from the websites i went to the size has differed. Also it is 10 feet tall and 8-9 meters long (which is 26-30). That is taller than a human and if they were around i would stay away from them. This creature is a herbivore which means it eats plant life and not meat. This animal fed off of shrubs and other small leafy plants. A relative of the Triceratops is the Laquintasaura which was a carnivore (this means it eats meat).
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TRICERATOPS - the cretaceous period


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