Luke's work

Term 1 2013

Cross country


Who is the artist?

John Tounger.

What is the artwork called?

Bluegill glass.

When you look at this mosaic do you view it the same as the artist? Why? Why not?

It reminded them of their holiday and reminded me of my holiday as well.

Why has the artist created this work?

He remembered a holiday and he did art to remember.

Describe the artwork and what is represented?

It is mad out of tiles and it is jumping dolphins.


Pa wanted a new job but this could be his last he got offered to be a miner. Will he take it will he not?

It was time to harvest the crop, but the night before. There was a massive storm that knocked down the entire crop so Pa had to get a new job. A miner was one of the killer jobs and.........he took it after all they were poor.

There was a mining completion; Pa went in it for money. His friend was the judge, and a person that he met on the walk was his partner. It was the mining day it was so hard but they had to push they had the lead and they won! They got their pay the friend went to get his pay……... they heard a loud bang! It was pa’s friend he got BLOWN UP!

My clay face term 2