Roosevelt's Plan


The New Deal was a plan created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He and a group of advisers came up with ideas that they hoped would fix the ever growing problems that the country faced. His plan handled the banking crisis, financial problems, and unemployment.


The New Deal was a plan to help the American economy. Its purpose was to reopen closed banks, create jobs for unemployed Americans, stimulate the economy, regulate businesses, and create some sort of welfare system.


  • Gold Standard
  • More Government control
  • Deficits
  • Government created jobs
  • Bank openings
  • Temporary jobs
  • Smaller pensions
  • Smaller pay checks
  • Repeal Prohibition
  • Social welfare

Non Examples-

  • Private sector jobs
  • Surplus
  • Permanent jobs
  • Bigger Pensions
  • Bigger pay checks
  • Independent welfare
  • Prohibition
  • Bank Closings