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Week of January 31, 2016

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The Genius in Everyone

As we think about how to align our daily schedule and content delivery systems with our aspirations for what school can be for our students, we must continue to "think out of the box" about what we can provide for students during the day. Thank you to Maddie, Kaitlin, Emily, Mandy, Krista H, and Sylvia for sharing their student stories last week. I challenge every staff member to continue to think about how we make Southside a place where standards are mastered, students have voice and learning has meaning. Check out the link below to an article on The Genius Hour--an idea borrowed from successful business environments that promote creativity, collaboration, communication and the genius in everyone! Hmmmmm....How might this idea fit into a school day/week?

Southside Artists on Instagram

3rd, 4th and 5th grade artists are now sharing their artwork on Instagram! Each class period, one student takes on the responsibility of capturing an image, creating a description and sharing our work with the world! All images and captions are approved by Mrs. Hunter prior to posting. If you are a fellow Instagrammer please follow us at SouthsideArtRoom so you can ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ on our work! Thanks for your support! -Mrs. Hunter


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Updates from Lighthouse Team

Leadership is everywhere at Southside! We see it when students perform duties related to their leadership roles, when students graph their own data to make their learning visible In their Leadership Notebooks, and when students buzz about giving input to the Student Lighthouse Team on the upcoming survey! Remember to help students “name it” when they use the 7 Habits of Happy Kids to be better students and better citizens. Have ideas, celebrations, questions, or concerns about Leader in Me? Talk to your team representative so that we can be sure we are all moving forward to empower our students to lead in their lives.

Below are updates on the WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) for this school year:

Environmental Changes—Furniture in both upstairs and lower level flex spaces look great! More than that, though, they are already being used for a variety of purposes! Thank you to Mrs. Starkey and student leaders for arranging! Murals look fantastic, too! Thank you to Mrs. Hunter for organizing that work so it could be hung!

Service Learning Opportunities—Many grade levels are revising their plans for service learning. Grade levels are encouraged to look for “free” opportunities to help students to serve. A reminder that PTO has set aside $$ for each grade level for field trips, so they may be able to help support your ideas if you want to go out in to the community!

Student Lighthouse Team—Students have posted flyers to encourage students to take their "Action Survey” this week. They have also made a commercial which will be emailed out to homeroom teachers to show their students before taking the survey (K-3 as a class; 4th & 5th individually). The student action teams for Homework, Playground, Cafeteria, and Bus are all excited to get the students’ input and start making changes!

Staff Boosters—Focus will continue to be on the principles that support 7 habits, with intentional pairing to foster deeper learning of 7 habits. Reminder to connect with your accountability partners on a regular basis about their "Big Rocks."

Leadership Notebooks—All grade levels are on track to be able to host student led conferences in the spring. "Book buddies” may be a good time for younger students to practice showcasing their data (& for older students to lead!) before they meet with parents/volunteers. Admin will touch base with SWAG mentors so they can also use leadership notebooks during their sessions with students for Novice Reduction program.

Students Share 7 Habits—We have planned to revamp the delivery on this goal and change from in-person sharing to video style presentation! 5th graders will make first video to share at morning meeting as they have experience using iMovie to edit already. Not all grade levels need to be student-produced, but we do want everyone to begin working on their video. Look for a new schedule to come out from this action team soon!

1st Grade Parent Academy & Parent Lunch ’n’ Learn—We are looking for dates in the Spring to revisit these venues for teaching our families about 7 Habits of Happy Kids! Leaders on these 2 WIGS are open to suggestions for how to solicit more interest and participation from families!

Include in Classroom Newsletters from FRC


Coming soon...Grandparents Raising Grandchildren informational meeting about support services including financial support and respite through KIPDA. If you have a student in your classroom that is being raised by a grandparent please let Beth know so that she can get information out to the family about this initial meeting.



A Busy Beginning to February


This Friday, Feb. 5 we will have our School wide Spelling Bee at Morning Meeting. We will not have our Morning Meeting next Friday, Feb. 12--school is not in session. Due to amended related arts schedule on Thursday, Feb. 11, we will not have a morning meeting that day. We will have an afternoon "assembly" next week for our regular morning meeting business (birthdays, Silver Spoon, Proactive Pete (Attendance), Cultural Spotlight, etc). The date and time will be communicated this week!


Please communicate to your families that classroom Valentine Parties will be Thursday, February 11 from 1:30-2:15. If your team has plans that do not fit into this timeframe, please see Krista or Susie early this week! We will be communicating on signage that this is our party time. Please survey students to see who might need Valentine Cards for classmates this week and let Beth Cathcart know your needs. It would be great to get these cards to students by this Friday so they can work on them at home!

Lexia Contest for February

Looking for additional incentives to help your students work on Reading? Lexia is hosting a contest in February that is worth entering! Click link below for more information on how to enter their Pizza Party Contest: http://go.lexialearning.com/usage-contest-enter?elq=745c48a952174e1db9323c79c82fa1cd&elqCampaignId=145&elqaid=426&elqat=1&elqTrackId=936bba47002747f6a171342a39d6df3f

This Week at Southside

Monday, February 1

  • Fire Drill 2:00

Tuesday, February 2

100th Day of School

Groundhog Day

  • Bindu Sunil at Southside for Math Coaching/CoTeaching
  • K Clark and T Hill to Heritage to observe self paced 3rd grade math
  • Tuesday Folders go home
  • Staff Meeting 2:45 (Library) Bring your journal!
  • Micro Clinic (4:00-5:00 - (Library)

Wednesday, February 3

  • Leader in Me On Site Coaching Day with Emily Reed (planning)

Thursday, February 4

  • Third grade field trip to Louisville Water Company
  • ABRI Coding Day
  • Data Teams during planning. Bring scored formative/create template prior
  • Teacher of the Year Banquet- Celebrating Erin Jump! 6:00 (Blair Center)

Friday, February 5

School-wide Morning Meeting/Spelling Bee 7:40 (Gym)

Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance 6:30-8:30

Coming Up

February 8-February 18 Engineering Week(s)

February 11 Valentine's Day Parties (amended related arts schedule coming) 1:30-2:15

February 12 District PD Date (Flex for those who have met hours)


February 15 NO SCHOOL Presidents' Day

February 17 ABRI Team Meeting (3:00-Conference Room)

February 18 Engineering Showcase (6-7:00)

February 19 Author Study Spotlight (Morning Meeting)

February 23 School Visit (Dr. Neihof and Lisa Smith)

February 24 Wellness Committee 3:00 (Conference Room)

February 29-March 4 Read Across America Week

March 7-10 Spring Thinking Strategies Institute

March 13 Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 15 KTIP Cycle 2 Meetings


March 28-April 1 Scholastic Book Fair

April 4-8 Spring Break