Meghan trainor

By Mallory leve & Alexis Borneman

All About Meghan

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor was born on December 22, 1993. Meghan signed a deal to write songs for Sabrina Carpender and Rascall Flats. Meghan is mostly known for her hit song "All About That Base." Meghan Trainor is 5"2. Meghan's home town is Nantouchet, Massachutes United States.


Meghan Trainer has received 7 awards 41 nominations . Meghan earned her a Grammy award nominations song of the year. also earned her an ASEAP pop song for both top 100 song and top digital song. Her follow up single "Lips Are Movin". Earned her an nomination for choice break-up song at the teen choice awards. She was recognized by the music business association at the breakthrough artist of the year. Meghan released her major-label album title for the following for the following year it won favorite album at the at the 42nd people's choice awards for best new artist. In 2016, Trainor received nominations for a Grammy for best new artist and Brit award for international female solo artist.

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other things about meghan

Meghan Trainor recently in 2015 released a song called "Better When Im Dancin". she has two brothers Ryan, and Justin. her parents names are Gary & Kelli Trainor. Meghan Trainor sometimes does write her own songs. Meghan is 22 years old. she is a amazing singer.

Meghan's Music

All About That Base 2015 Title

Like Im Gonna Loose You 2015 Title

Dear Future Husband 2015 Title ( my favorite)

Title 2015 Title

Walkashame 2015 Title

3am 2015 Title

Close your eyes 2015 Title

No good for you 2015 Title

Mr.Almost 2015 Title

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