Financial Tips for College Students

By: Ryan Tezzi

Top 10 Financial Tips for College students

1.) Create an organizing system for all of your bills, files, records, etc. so you can keep up with what they are and when there deadline is.

2.) Create your own financial budget and stick to your budget and you will save a lot of money.

3.) Buy used books to save money, for all new college books it will cost about $1000 per year. Buy used books can save you hundreds.

4.) Don't bring your car to college you will spend lots of money on only gas but insurance, parking, and maybe even tickets.

5.) Find a bank that has a free ATM fee, otherwise those fee's will add up fast to a lot of money.

6.) Buy snacks from the grocery store and bring them with you so you don't end up buying snacks from the vending machine or convince stores.

7.) Live on campus in dorm not in an apartment. Lots of costs come with an apartment other than rent, you have utility bills, rental insurance, property maintenance fee's, and the regular bills on top of all those.

8.) Use student discount to your advantage, it's more common than you think, just ask them if they offer it. You can use is at places such as movies, restaurants, etc.. You can save big time with your student discount.

9.) Save money, automatically have part of you paycheck go to your bank account.

10.) Create financial goals for your money while in college.