Angel Salgado


Us people in USA all think we our an amazing country that believe we should be number one in the school System.

Why are we number 17 in the system?.

why are we ranked number earth in the world and why is finland number 1 ?

I looked up on a passage what do we need to do in order to be first in the school system and it showed us 5 things to be a great school.

1. "there is no magic bullets."(there is no easy way out)

2."respect teachers."( don't be mean or cuss out you're teachers)

3."culture can be changed."( that any kind or color or culture can be in school)

4. "parents are neither impediments to naviours of education"

5. "educate for the future, not just the present"( that they are teaching kids how to be better than the people from the past)

What is USA ranked ?

In "The u.s. ranked 14th in education". In this web site it shows that USA didn't even make it in the top 10 because we are not that smart that north Korea is number one because they have all the 5 steps to be a good school. It also shows that USA in 2nd in ignorance. But i believe we should be first because we are very smart and just cause we don't have a good school system don't mean we are not smart at all. I believe if we just follow those 5 rules we would be a great school and be first every year.

What was the ranks then?

Back then in 2012 all the country's were in a different ranking USA was in 27th place. Now we are in 17th in 2016. This means we moved down just in 2 years which also means we are getting better and smarter. In 2012 finland was first but now they are in 6th place and korea is in 1st. I think korea did good for being in first place but i believe we can beat them because we are smart enough too.


The summery about the school system is about why are we ranked number 17th and not in the top 10.The answer to that is because of the 5 things. We have some trouble doing those and if everyone follows those rules we would be number one. USA is a great country to come to because we have a lot to give and to do in the future. We help each others out and just cause they say we are number 14th. We will always believe we are number 1.