Tech Training Day 2

Goals: OneNote, Screencast-o-Matic, YouTube Channels

OneNote Features & Course Notebooks

Presenter: Heather Mosher & Steve Anderson

OneNote is a great tool to organize your course content, meeting notes, and other items in a digital format. You can import items from Word/PDF/PowerPoint/etc into OneNote. You can write on it with the stylus pen or type. Once you are done working on a page you can create a PDF to share online. The OneNote Drive that has been set up by Kathi, allows you to view students work and interact with them digitally. You can connect to their page, sync to get their up-dated work and insert comments directly into their workbook. Students can showcase their work to the class via AirParrot or LanSchool to get feedback and comments. They can create a portfolio of their work easily by copying pages of work directly into other binders for SLC or other presentations.

Activity: Create a note template, worksheet or other activity that you wish to share with your class. Import a document into your binder, add a title to the page, instructions or other notes that you wish all students to see. Copy this page into the students binders for them to work on.


Tech Spotlights

Let's get motivated to try something new! We have a some volunteers teachers who will present 5 minutes about a technology tool that they enjoyed using in the last year.


Presenter: Heather Mosher & Steve Anderson

Creating quick videos for students to use for reference is made easy with Screencast-o-Matic. Any application you use on your desktop can be captured with a voice-over created by you. If you wish, include a video of your face as you describe the concept of your video. Videos can be up to 15 minutes long, have a small watermark in the bottom corner of the video and are easily saved as a MP4.

Activity: Consider a scenario where you would like to use a video with your students. It could be a project that the students do. It could be a video that the students need to watch before class. It could be a review video for future reference. It could be a lesson to be shown with a TOC. In a group, talk through how to create a video, take 15 minutes to create your video and save it to your Google Drive.

YouTube Channels and Playlists

Presenter: Heather Mosher & Steve Anderson

Creating a YouTube Channel allows you to keep your videos organized for your courses and for future use. Once you create a YouTube Channel, you have the option to create playlists for specific courses. Our LMS allows you to embed content and YouTube Playlists are easily embedded to allow for playing within the website without leaving the site. Students can watch the video while browsing the other content that you have posted or enlarge it to full screen. In addition, you can see how many people have watched your videos through the statistics feature with YouTube, which we don't have available yet in our LMS.

Activity: Using your Southridge email, create a YouTube Channel and upload your video that you created earlier today. If you have a YouTube Channel or Playlists already, please assist your group members. Once you have a Playlist created, get the embed code and try embedding the playlist into your LMS page.

Goal Setting

Presenter: Heather Mosher & Steve Anderson

We would like you to set yourself a goal to accomplish for implementing more technology into your class for this year. Heather and Steve will be able to work with you to help you achieve your goal throughout the year.

Activity: Please take 15 minutes to complete the following google form to help us assist you this year.