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Rebecca Lang

Rebecca Lang (call me Becky)

I am currently in a relationship with an amazing supportive guy named Sean. He is my number one fan. I have a fur-baby named Bono. He is a 100lb German Shepherd that I rescued about a year and a half ago. Don't let his size scare you he is a big baby.

My Stella & Dot start date was October 1st 2012. I am currently in my Jumpstart Program.

I found this opportunity through a friends Trunk Show. I went because I love the product and I am a little obsessed with accessories (you should see the size of my accessories cabinet). I met Rachella the personal stylist who was there. She saw my love for Stella & Dot and suggested I become a Stylist. It didn't take me long to get back to her. I needed a part time job for extra money and this was the opportunity I was looking for. I could set my own hours and I could do what I loved....socializing and promoting amazing jewelery.

Short Term Goal: To sponsor 2 stylists by December 31st 2012 (Who doesn't want an IPAD)
Long Term Goal: To pay off my personal line of credit and not live pay cheque to pay cheque.

I plan on spending my earning by putting it towards my personal like of credit as well and treating myself to an automatic car starter just in time for winter.

I wanted to become a stylist because I have such passion for Stella & Dot. I wear it with pride and I believe in the product (kinda cheesy but true).

Facts about me. I work in Long Term Care as a Recreation Assistant (Currently I am managing the Recreation Department covering a maternity leave). I have the best job in the world. I promote socialization and happiness for seniors with Dementia and other ailments by offering different activities throughout the day such as bingo, exercise classes, trivia, etc. I have been at my job for 9 years now and I still love it.

I have an amazing family who are very supportive and loving. My parents have been together 41 years and are very much still in love (kinda I have 2 older brothers a sister in law and 2 nieces one which is my goddaughter. I have a large extended family who I am proud to call my very close friends.

Favourite makeup brand I would have to say is MAC.