Celia Rees


Celia Rees was born in Solihull, West Midlands on June 17, 1949. She was a teacher for sixteen years, this is when she began to write.


"You are the eyes of a wolf" (186). This is important because it shows that he is brave and can be challenged to do anything. "I will kill anyone who harm her" (160). He is willing to kill anyone who comes to harm her. It goes to show that he does really care about her and he does not care who it is. He is willing to defeat anyone. "I could feel the power coming from him like heat from a fire" (293). This guy was intimidating and standing next to him made you feel that he was very powerful and could overcome anything and anyone. He is compared to heat coming from a fire, which gives a powerful feeling about him. This can tell a lot about him, it can claim that he is not weak and people look up to him.

Main Conflict, Most Important, Resolution

Mary Newbury was a young women accused of being a witch, she was driven away from her Puritan Settlement. She has special powers as Agnes does as well. The most important part of the book is when Mary is trying to hide because she does not want to be hung like her grandmother was. When Mary is on the edge of dying, she is found by two Native Americans who are different from their other people. They rescue her. They take her to their country where she is accepted for who she is. They treat her like she is one of them.


She was taken by Native American tribes. She is saved from being hung and taken to a safe place. She did not have any punishment for being herself in the new country where she was taken.


The historical context of this book is when the Native Americans are trying to kill her because she is not the same race as them. This does not take place now like it did then. Now, there is cruel punishment for murder. Racism is a factor in the historical context of the book.

A Review

I personally thought the book was a learning lesson. It shows racism through different aspects. The book assures people that race can lead to bad aspects of society, it can cause violence and murder. The world we live in today is controlled and still has looks on racism but it is treated more equally.