Types of Energy

Mechanical Energy

  • The form of energy associated with the position and motion of an object is called
  • Mechanical Energy=Potential Energy+Kinetic Energy
  • Mechanical Energy is used to do work
  • Our bodies use mechanical energy to perform motions such as throwing something or writing.

Thermal Energy

  • The total potential and kinetic energy of the particles in an object
  • Thermal energy is used to cook food.
  • We use thermal energy to heat our houses

Electrical Energy

  • The energy of electric charges
  • Lightning
  • Power lines

Chemical Energy

  • Potential energy stored in the chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together
  • Matches
  • When we eat food, we use chemical energy

Nuclear Energy

  • The potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Helps doctors make quick diagnoses

Electromagnetic Energy

  • The energy of light and other forms of radiation.
  • Radio
  • Microwave