Is Canada the best to live in

Why Canada is the greatest country to live in?

what makes a great country?

In this Smore I will be talking about what makes Canada a great country. The information will be based on the units in Grade 9 Geography curriculum.

Based on my opinion I think that Canada is a great country to live in, because of its benefits (economic, social, natural resources, and its community)

Changing Population

Population in Canada

The fact that Canada is one of the most countries to welcome immigrants made Canada a multicultural country based on the difference from where the immigrants came from. Canada has a large area comparing to its population and that made the people think of immigrating to Canada.

Who ever came new to Canada can feel the advanteges of having a multicultural country, looking at their language, traditions, and lifestyle. They might even find some closer similarities between them and the people in Canada.

Actually, a lot of the people in Canada were born in different country, and then came to Canada as immigrants.

This shows that most of the people in Canada had their language and culture, then came to Canada as immigrants settle in it.

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The picture above shows where most the people in Canada, were born in which country and region. The red part is almost covering all the countries in the world, and all of these people came later to Canada to settle and have a better lifestyle
Express Entry Canada 2015 – All About Canada’s New Immigration Selection System
Some immigrants will be chosen for their skills from all over the world, using that system shown above in the video, some immigrants will have to come from a far distance. This way the culture got effected by the new people who comes to Canada daily.
Canada is a multicultural country, and that what makes it special from the other great countries. For that reason Canada is a great country to live in.

Canada's physical environment

Canada's Vegetation regions

Canada has 7 main vegetation regions, the North part can't be much useful because of the cold weather. However, the southern regions can be helpful with farming purposes to grow food. For example, Mixed forest region in southern Canada, has a lot of minerals in its soil which made suitable for farming.
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The most helpful regions in Canada are being used carefully to benefit the country the most, and the who got the most parts of the mixed forest region is the dairy production.

The good usage of the land region makes Canada a great country to live in.

Canada's Resources


Primary industry is the most important part in how to manage our resources, but what is beyond the primary resources is what is great about Canada. The tertiary industry and the quaternary industry can be found in commercial areas and not just spread all over the city. For example, the commercial area in Mississauga took place in the city centre where you can find the services in the city hall, and the shopping mall Square One, on the same area to prevent going to far places, meaning that the compression made the services next to each other.
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Livable Community

The settlement

Canada is a highly urbanized country where the sprawl is getting bigger and bigger. Furthermore, the way of housing is what really impress me specially near the city centre, the fact that there is more buildings than houses in that area makes more sense with the time, the building can contain more people in smaller area than a house can. However, that made people think more of moving toward that area because of the housing system. Simply moving near to the commercial area in Mississauga, that leads the people living there to walk toward the services and not simply riding a car to get there.
The buildings seems better than a house for the capacity per area where you can have more people in less area to solve one of the transportation problem in the same time.

This plan proves how country can be great to live in.


For these reasons that are described above, I proved how Canada is a great a country to live in.

I hope that you liked my Smore.

Thank you for reading.