The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning For All

Something to Think About...

"It's hard work that makes the difference. I don't care how smart you are or how smart you think you are. Smart simply means you're ready to learn."--Freeman Hrabowski: 4 pillars of college success in science

Mary Rose's Schedule


Monday, September 15: - Friday, September 19:

On leave


Monday, October 6: - Friday, October 10:

On leave

Minimum Days Monday and Tuesday Due to Heat

Dear Staff,

We have non-airconditioned classrooms here on campus. Upon hearing the weather forecast which calls for heat in the 99+ range (which will mean unbearable heat in our non-airconditioned classrooms), I have agreed with the district to declare minimum days Monday and Tuesday. A phone call will be made to our students, parents, and staff. Realizing that 40 minutes per period for two days is not the best instructional situation, I am modifying the schedule to make it a Minimum Block Day. You will get to see all your students in the two days: The following will be our schedule:

Monday & Tuesday: September 15-16 2014: Block Minimum Day

Period 0: 6:44 - 7:24 (40)

Period 1/2: 7:30 - 8:56 (86)

Nut. Brk: 8:56 - 9:06 (10)

Period 3/4: 9:12 - 10:38 (86)

Lunch: 10:44 - 11:14 (30)

Period 5/6: 11:20 - 12:46 (86)

Period 7: 12:52 - 1:32 (40)

Thank you for your flexibility. PLC will be postponed. Make-up Faculty Meetings will proceed as planned (Period 1 and 6).

Monday, October 6, 2014: Certificated Staff Report Back

Please plan to meet in the Learning Lab. A light breakfast will be served starting at 7:15 AM. All activities will start promptly at 8:00 AM. The agenda is as follows:

  • Professional Development: Initiatives
  • WASC: Chapter IV: Filling in the Gaps in our Self-Study

Our Self-Study (Chapter IV) is a critical part of our WASC report. After reviewing the work that has been completed, we have determined that there are holes in the report that need to be filled. Ms. Nevin will create the structure in which these holes will be addressed. Thank you in advance for your support of Ms. Nevin, our WASC Coordinator, as she ensures that we get back on track with our WASC work.

Lunch will be on your own at 11:00 AM. The rest of the duty day, beginning at 11:30 AM, will be preparation time in anticipation of students returning on October 7. PLC meetings, department meetings, coaching meetings, peer meetings, peer collaboration, classroom clean-up, lesson plan writing are just some examples of appropriate activities during this preparation time. Please note that all staff are expected to be on campus and stay until the end of their duty day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kudos and Thanks

  • Kudos to the counselors--Gavi Hollins, Jennette Duarte, Christy Araki, Nancy Penuelas, Sarah Devore, Maggie Padilla, and Monica Perez--for coordinating the Junior Parent Night at the PAC last Wednesday.
  • Congratulations to Sharon Maley, for the success of "Pride and Prejudice". Our Fall play was superbly staged and acted. It played to a packed house more than once. A very big Thank You to Charles Batchman and Marcia Bristol for all their assistance in this production.
  • Congratulations to Barbara Schroeder who will be accompanying the Southwestern College Choir in Vatican City, Rome, in October when they sing Mark Hayes' "Reqiuem".
  • The Kiwanis Trophy came back to Sparta when our Chula Vista HS Team defeated Hilltop High School last Friday with a score of 36-27. Congratulations, Head Coach Drew Westling! Congratulations also to all football coaches, especially on-staff Coach Kris Larsen.

Walkthrough Foci

As we walk through, we will continue to look for the following:

  • DLT in the correct format
  • Structured Student Interaction
  • For Monday: How is Intervention time being used to support or enrich students?

PLC Collaboration

  • You are to work on the agenda that you had agreed upon based on last week's PLC collaboration.
  • A reminder that everyone is expected to stay on campus until the end of the PLC time. Thank you for your professionalism.
  • Please consult the handout given during the Pre-Service days if you need clarification on PLC tasks and products.
  • Minutes and products are to be turned in to me via the CVHS Canvas page created by the Curriculum Coaches. Please see them if you need assistance in uploading your products. No more hard copies or E-mails to me. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that we streamline our procesess.

Before You Leave for Fall Break...

  • All staff will be given the Energy Conservation Classroom Checklist. Please ensure you follow instructions. Please fill it out and tape on the inside of your door before you leave on Friday.
  • All appliances and computers must be turned off and unplugged. Refrigerators must be unplugged and left open (to prevent that musty smell). Ensure all food are taken home.
  • Please take home all personal belongings or put under lock and key.
  • For your information and planning, the custodians will be deep cleaning classrooms in the 100 and 300 buildings.
  • We have home games during the break--our students would love to see you!

Technology Tips from Christine Yarzabek (Our Friendly Apple Trainer)


Textbooks in iBook

Ensure students download their textbooks to iBooks. This allows them to use their textbook without needing to connect to the Internet.


Add a web link to your home screen

You can easily create links to the sites you visit most often on your iPad:

  • Open Safari and go to the website
  • Tap on the Share button on the upper left corner
  • Select: Add to Home Screen
  • Change the name of the site if you want
  • Tap Add

For The Common Good...

  • Fall Break: We will be having Credit Recovery Classes the first week of Fall Break. The Main Office will also be open from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM. Araceli Guzman and Margaret Villanueva will be working during this first week of Fall Break. The Main Office will be closed the 2nd week of Fall Break. If you will be on campus, please make sure you let either Araceli Guzman or Garry Cabogason know. While I do not expect anyone to stay for a very long time, please note that you will need to leave campus by the time the the custodians leave, for security purposes. Thank you.

Increasing Rigor

Have a Safe, Restful, and Wonderful Fall Break!!