BY: Tanner And Zach

1. Obtain green card

Obtain green card and maintain residence in the country for 5 years.

2. Maintain physical presence

Immigrants must be physically present in he country for 30 months of the 5 years needed to apply for citizenship.

3. Complete USCIS form N-400

Petitioners fill out their background information on the form, which also enables them to do things like have a legal name change.

4. Be fingerprinted

Once the application is accepted, a date will be set for fingerprinting and biometrics at a local office.

5. Pass the interview and naturalization test

An appointment will be made with a USCIC officer for an interview to review the N-400 form and answer questions the petitioner may have.

6. Attend the oath ceremony

The petitioner may be approved for citizenship at their interview or shortly afterward. Then they will have to attend a oath ceremony.

Loss Of Citizenship

1. Applying and obtaining naturalization in foreign country 2. making oath of allegiance in foreign country 3. serving in military of foreign country

Illegal Alien

Alien who entered the United States illegally without proper authorization and documents.

Legal Alien and what they can do

Legal Alien must have all the documents and proper authorization into the country. And they can do as much as we can but they have some restriction. Like they can't vote or run for office.