Hostess of the Month Club

March- September 2015

Do you LOVE Thirty-One and can’t get enough?

I’m looking for 6 ladies (or men) who want to participate in a unique group. Each member must agree to purchase at least $35 worth of Thirty-One product each month, from March -September 2015. Each month, one of the 6 members in this exclusive group will get to “host” the party that month using the orders placed by the other 5 members. Everyone will know which month that she will be hosting ahead of time. So if it is your month to host, you can choose to collect even more orders from your personal friends and family to boost your hostess benefits for that month!

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Why Spend $35 a month?

When each guest spends $35 a month, this guarantees that each monthly hostess has a party volume of at least $210. But definitely more! This is without anyone taking advantage of the monthly special and without any additional outside orders.

Why March - September?

I have selected this time frame so that as a group, you will be purchasing from 2 different catalogs which will give you lots of variety for home organization, items for just for you, as well as a lot of great gift options!

As the “Hostess” of the month, what is in it for me?

When it is your time to Host the month, you will receive orders from the other 5 members participating in this group via my website. So there is no passing out books or collecting orders. I am even the one to remind everyone about the due date…in other words, you do NOTHING!

I will automatically mail out a new catalog each season . In addition to the free and half-price product you are already going to be qualified to earn, it will give you the opportunity to take advantage of, at the least, one of our Hostess Exclusive Products! As the “Hostess”, you will also receive $10 additional FREE from me, as a THANK YOU for being a part of the club! You will definitely want to be a hostess! In short, as the monthly hostess, you will receive free and discounted product and have the hostess exclusives and the additional $10 gift available to you.

AND as “customers” the other months, I give perks and deals to YOU as an appreciation for sticking with ME!!! Sometimes it is extra percentage off or sometimes it is a drawing for free product!So what’s not to love!!

Still not convinced? How about this? If you are planning on hosting a party anyway, you will be guaranteed at the LEAST a $210 jump on your party…pushing you that much closer to earning three (3) FREE Hostess Exclusives!

How will you decide who will host each month?

The order of the hostesses will be a random (via video) drawing and will be announced as soon as the club is full.

Will there be added benefit to being a part of this exclusive group?

YES! As I said before, you will be rewarded with extra FREE credit! Just by saying YES, you will already be guaranteed MORE Free Product from ME !

Still not ready to commit?

So, you are a fan of Thirty-One and have either hosted a party in the past or have wanted to host a party in the future but are nervous about collecting orders. This is a way to guaranteed at least $210 in sales for your party…yes, that alone IS a party! And from past experience with 4 Hostess of the Month Clubs, I can guarantee you it will be more than that. In addition, as your consultant, I will be the one collecting orders each month from this group, so you don’t have to worry about contacting anyone during your own party! (Unless of course you choose to boost your party with MORE orders outside the club…we can even combine with an in-home party if you choose!) It is a Win-Win for everyone involved!

Christina Litchfield, Independent Consultant

Visit my website to shop, schedule a party, or join my team!