Janet Reno

By: Anna Smith

Janet Reno Family

-Janet Reno was born on July 21, 1938. Janet is 77 years old.

-Janet is not married and has no kids.

-Janet was born in Miami, Florida.

Janet Reno Childhood

  • Janet went to Dade County Public Schools
  • She went to Cornell University and got a degree in chemistry.
  • Janet then went to Harvard University and was one of the 16 women out of the 500 students.
  • She went to Harvard to get her degree in law.


  • Janet Reno was a very tough lady who fought hard so that she could be the first woman US attorney general.
  • I was interested in researching her, because I was wondering how she fought her way through hard times so that she could become the first woman attorney general.
Swearing-In Ceremony of Janet Reno as United States Attorney General