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March 2015 - Volume 2 Issue 4
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A Month in Review: February/March Library Happenings

6th grade

Students visited the library for a lesson on the first steps to cite website resources.

7th grade

Students have been visiting the library a lot these two months! They have been building digital book trailers to promote reading and researching the Chesapeake Bay to create a PSA. Links to the final copies will be shared once posted to YouTube!

8th grade

Students visited the library to learn about their digital footprint and spend time discussing the importance of a positive footprint and how it can effect their future.

Students were also in the library to do collaborative research and learn about Reform Issues in the 1800's. They created digital and paper posters to support their learning.

Fine Forgiveness Day - April 2nd!

Curriculum Resource Spotlight: SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS® Issues Researcher (videos and details) helps students make sense of the world by offering relevant, credible resources that tell the whole story on major issues and world conflicts of the day. Start with SIRS Issues Researcher for background and current analysis necessary for research and understanding of 330+ current and pervasive Leading Issues. (handout)

It's all here, enduring issues such as animal rights, capital punishment, health care, immigration, and gun control; and current issues such as energy policy, mass media, World Conflicts including Iran and Syria, virtual schools, and national security and surveillance.

Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues. Editorially created Topic Overview pages help build solid foundations for understanding the issue. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy skills are promoted through engaging Essential Questions with answers, and viewpoint articles.


Tech Tips: Want to create beautiful and engaging presentations?

Try using Emaze!

Emaze is a free and user friendly tool that allows teachers to quickly and easily create beautiful presentations that are visually appealing. With a wide variety of templates, this tool allows you to avoid the unfriendly overuse of text and help you stick to powerful images and straightforward text. There is also an app for this web based presentation tool.

Book Selection Schedule for ILA

As your schedule permits, due to PARCC testing!

6th Grade
  • April 19th - Book Selection Only

7th Grade

  • March 30th - Book Selection Only
  • April 27th - Book Selection Only

8th Grade

  • April 9th - Book Selection Only
  • May 4th - Book Selection Only

All Books Due Back to the Library - JUNE 5th

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Library Media Specialist at Havre de Grace Middle School