Fibrodysplasia Ossificans

Katherine Larason

FOP is a rare, inherited recessive disorder in which muscle tissue is taken over by bone.

Signs & Symptoms

FOP is usually found during childhood. Signs of FOP do vary, but inflamed areas, as well as a misshapen spine, fingers, and toes are the most common signs.


A promising treatment has not been found but many medicines are available to reduce pain. Trauma, or anything dangerous, should be avoided since it could cause flare-ups of the bone and result in more bone growth. Surgery, injections, and anyone who has the flu or has recently be avoided, as these could also result in more bone growth.


The future of the patient depends on how severe their disorder is. This disorder lasts a lifetime but recently shoes, braces, and other equipment have been made to help the patient with movement. Therapy and medicine are also options to reduce pain.

Personal Statement: Why People Should Know About This

I chose this disorder because I wanted to learn why FOP is so rare and the symptoms of it. FOP can go unseen for years, so it's important that people know the signs so they can spot it at an early stage. Although there is no treatment, patients can seek relief through medicines and therapies.