Animal Dissection

EN 102


I chose animal dissection because animal dissection has been a controversial topic for many years and still is to this day.

Thesis Statement

Animal dissection should not be allowed in schools because animals are treated inhumanely, students are refusing to dissect animals, schools are banning animal dissection and alternatives are becoming more equipped.

Main Ideas

Body Paragraph Topics

Animals are treated inhumanely

They Said It Best

Quote 1: Biology programs are the 'study of life' so the programs should demonstrate respect towards all living things (Issues & Controversies par. 3).

This is said best because when students study biology they are learning how living things work in our world. It also shows students how to respect their body and every living thing in the world. With animal dissection it is showing that it is okay to treat animals inhumanely by killing them just to cut them open.

Quote 2: High schoolers have the right and mental standards of knowing if animal dissection is in their beliefs or not (Hoff 1)

When students are in high school, most of the time they are fully capable of choosing whether they are able to dissect an animal and feel comfortable about it or not.

Quote 3: Laws are necessary because students look up to teachers and students do not want to go against what the teacher expects the class to do (qtd. in "Should You Cut That Frog" par. 7).

Students look up to their teacher every single day and they don't want to disobey their teacher. This author understands what the students are feeling when it comes to students deciding to go against or with their teacher.


California, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island have made laws saying that there must be alternatives to animal dissections.

Animal dissection is no longer in the cirriculum in zoology or allied subjects in other countries.

A great amount of money is spend on buying and handling the animals for animal dissection.

This Is What I Learned

I have learned that there was many options for alternatives for animal dissection. I also learned how laws are going to be put in place so students will be able to choose whether students want to participate in animal dissection or not.


The challenges I faced were procrastination and finding information that wasn't repetitive. A lot of the articles I found just are repetitive on what is being said. With that I had to expand my research into many more articles. To work on my procrastination I had to sit down and do it without bothering or stopping so I could just get it done.