Love Our ACS Media Centers

February 2022

Taylorsville Elementary, Jennifer Muscarelli

The Taylorsville Elementary students have had a busy start to 2022. They have talked about media and news literacy, created artwork using water colors, watched bald eagle chicks hatch, learned new games and started computer coding. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students have learned to play chess while K, 1st and 2nd have worked on Memory, Go Fish and Uno.

Hiddenite Elementary, Dr. Cheri Hudson

Our 2nd graders have been working on a Transportation Unit using the Lego Education Discover Kit. This week we have designed/built ramps and bridges. and discussed incline, gravity, and speed.

Our K-2 students have been learning about the sequence of events. The students used a community mat to design a plan, map out their sequence of events, and then programmed their Bee-Bots to travel to the various places from their plan. They are learning simple coding and using directional words as they complete their tasks.

Our 3-5th grade students are using Pro-Bots to complete a math review! They are assigned tasks, such as drawing various angles, then working with a partner they enter code into their Pro-Bot. The bot draws the design they created onto paper. The students then reflect on their design and make adjustments as needed to rewrite their code and change their design.

Ellendale Elementary, Erin Lewis

So excited to have 67 Ellendale students sign up for a new library card from the Alexander County Library! We are so happy to have such a great community partnership with our public library for students to access physical and digital resources.

Studies like the revolutionary new study from Stephen Krashen provide clear evidence that when it comes to a student’s reading, there is no question that libraries & school libraries — and their librarians — play the most critical role in helping them succeed.

Bethlehem Elementary, Allison Brown

3rd & 4th grade students at BES have spent time with Mrs. Esposito learning to code using Sphero BOLTS in Media class.

4th and 5th graders at BES have been writing their own Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories using the free template from Matt Miller at:

Sugar Loaf and Stony Point, Jennifer Robertson

Students in K-2 from both schools have been working on a Transportation Unit using the Lego Education Discover Kit.

Students at Stony Point repotted plants on Fun Friday.

Wittenburg Elementary, Scott Bowman

Students at Wittenburg are learning how to use Pro-Bots.

West Alexander Middle School, Kim Lowman

Seventh-grade WAMS students enjoyed using Pro-Bots in their Computer Science class. They practiced their coding skills by programming the Pro-Bit to make shapes using loops.

Big picture

Many great things are happening in the EAMS Media Center, Krystal Mace. Below are just two examples.

Big picture
During after-school tutoring, several students participated in a learning opportunity using TTS' Probot Robotic Cars in the media center. The media coordinator and teachers collaborated together so the students could complete the project. Students created a map using the robotic cars. Students used the robotic cars to make parallel and perpendicular lines and then measured the angles created. Such an awesome way to review geometry skills while also coding robotics!!
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Students in EAMS Battle of Books work with the media coordinator during WIN time to get ready for the competition. Students have been working hard all year to prepare.

Alexander Central High School, Tracy Chapman

Mrs. Chapman collaborated with Mrs. Marshall's class learning how to create shapes using distance and angles.